Our Story

We are a husband and wife team located in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Grant creates handsewn leather goods.  Jennifer hand knots macramé and teaches macramé classes. Plus, we have indoor plants! 

Jennifer quit her full time job in 2019 and took a part time job. She had some extra time and decided to learn how to make a plant hanger. About 8 weeks later she was selling her items at artisan markets!

Grant began learning about leather back in 2015 and ended up eventually purchasing a premium leather bag, only to later learn that the materials used were substandard. Knowing that there were better quality materials available, Grant began making his own leather products, building relationships with great suppliers and learning the intricate details of handcrafted leather goods. From the start, his goal was to make leather bags and briefcases using the best materials and time-honored techniques of leather workers.

We really love all things vintage and things that are minimal, but also things that are timeless, useful, functional and beautiful to look at. Most of the time those things are made with intention and with quality materials and craftsmanship, otherwise they wouldn’t endure.

We joined forces in January 2020 because we believed that the qualities we value exist in both arts. Since then we’ve grown more than imagined!  We’ve continuously talked about working for ourselves in the 16 years we’ve been married. We are so grateful to have the opportunity now. All the glory belongs to God!