Maybe our experiences can help you!


This is the first post on our blog!  I hope I will get better at doing videos, but I didn’t want to delay getting started any longer.  

At the time this is posted, we have done approximately 100 markets in 3 years. A chunk of that time was during the COVID shutdowns, too. 

We chose to do as many as we could as fast as we could so we could figure out quickly what markets were good so we’d have a better understanding of where we should be.  As an unintended side effect, we now have a large amount of data and experiences. Vendors have asked us to share it with them. We love the idea of using what we’ve learned to help others, so after a long time of mulling it over, we decided that the best way to get information out was to use a blog format. And, our website helpfully had that function already available so all we had to do was activate it. 

Over the next weeks and months we are excited to talk about things such as branding, inclement weather, transporting your stuff, etc. 

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