Uptown Common: The Market

 November 18, 2023

Uptown Common: The Market started as a realization that there are not many (any?) high quality artisan markets in our area combined with the fact that we know SO. MANY. excellent hand crafted vendors from all the markets we've participated in. We also understood that we had a back stage view of what vendors are looking for, what shoppers are looking for and how organization and priorities can help make it a good experience for everyone.  Lastly, we strongly believe that there are fantastic hand crafted, local and small businesses out there that we should help our community be aware of and that creating a platform for people to see them, be inspired and build relationships will actually help in changing the way people think about how, where and why they spend their money...and decide to #shopdifferent.

We want to offer you a fun and inspiring shopping experience with extraordinary artisans who create original and functional work, outstanding curators of modern vintage items, high end boutiques and exceptional food vendors. 

The event is all indoor except our food trucks, which are located right outside the building.

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***Applications will open June 2023****

We selected an indoor location with outdoor options that's right along the border of Brownsburg and Indianapolis. There are 1.2 million people from three different counties who reside within 20 miles of the market location and 356,000 of them are between the ages of 25-44, which we have shown to be most excited about events like this. They are most likely to value hand-crafted items and are more willing to support small business with their purchases. A targeted marketing campaign will be used to reach as many of this population as possible to increase the attendance and give us all a higher chance of having a successful market.

As artisans ourselves, we have attended over 100 artisan markets all over Indiana and the surrounding states since the end of 2019. We deeply value our market experiences because they allow us to interact personally with the people who enter our booth. We have seen many of those same people at other markets and we are always so glad to meet again. It's also fun when people who follow us on social media introduce themselves in person!

Since most of our business is based around markets, we have a strong understanding of the importance a well-executed market can have in the success of it's vendors. Without the opportunities given to us by market organizers, we would not be who we are. We would like to offer those kinds of opportunities for new and seasoned vendors as well and do not take the responsibility lightly.

We have discovered that market vendors are a vibrant community of people who are pursuing many of the same things with their businesses. We often find inspiration and motivation from interacting with our fellow vendors. They are a group of people who are more than willing to offer a hand, give advice or drive you to and from your hotel so you're not stranded!

We are searching for extraordinary artisans who create original work, outstanding curators of modern vintage items, high end boutiques and exceptional food vendors. All vendors must have an excellent brand that is consistent throughout their items, booth set up, website and social media accounts. We are particularly interested in those who are good stewards of their opportunities to create relationships with their customers in person and online.